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Welcome to our Adirondack mountain lodging

Adirondacks 101: Discover the Adirondack Mountains, Nature, Recreation & Stunning Natural Beauty!

The lure of the Adirondack Mountains - lodging, beauty, recreation and sports - can be found right here at our Adirondack motel. The Adirondack Park has been a national treasure since 1892. The Adirondacks are comprised of two million acres of stunning natural landscape that includes 3,000 sparkling lakes and ponds, and 1,500 miles of river! In North Creek NY near Gore Mountain Ski center, lodging at Alpine Lodge brings you to the heart of this pristine national park.


The scenic, rugged Adirondack Mountains are glacial formations, carved out of the landscape by the activities of a distant ice age. With 2,000 miles of hiking trails, the Adirondack Park has the nation’s largest hiking trail system, over 100 campgrounds, and was where the one-of-a-kind Adirondack Great Camp style was made popular. The wild and breathtaking beauty of the mountain and lake region has provided relaxation and recreation to visitors for hundreds of years.

American history was forged among the towering pines and sparkling blue waters by native Indians and sturdy pioneers, but up until the 1800’s the forest was considered a frightening and forbidding place to most.  That all changed, however, once iron and timber became marketable commodities, and became a bustling, thriving region and a well known vacation destination. For the well-to-do, the need for Adirondack Mountains lodging resulted in the popularity of the classic Adirondack Lodge accommodations favored by vacationers of the day, an architectural style perfected during this period in history.                    

Adirondack Summits:

Ever heard of an “Adirondack 46’er”?  It’s a term used to describe hikers who have made it to the summit of all 46 major Adirondack High Peaks. More than just a title, most 46’ers continually work toward environmental protection for the Adirondack wilderness region. Over 6,200 hikers have reached this goal since 1925!

Today, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the Adirondacks just moments from our Adirondack mountain lodging, where they can hike thousands of miles of trails, find great skiing at Gore Mountain, lodging in North Creek or Whiteface in Lake Placid, or enjoy biking some of the most beautiful back country roads in the country.  The lure of whitewater rafting and canoeing beckons both beginner and experienced paddlers.  Winter in the Adirondacks is filled with family fun, including ice skating, tubing, fishing, winter carnivals and some of the best snowmobiling on the east coast.  There are no cities in the Adirondack Park, just millions of acres of natural playground graced by some of the finest family resorts and Adirondack lodge accommodations, dining, recreation and privacy anywhere.

Know Your Adirondack Trivia:

  • The word “Adirondack” is an Iroquois word that means ”bark-eater”.
  • The peak of Mt. Marcy is 5,344 ft, and Whiteface 4,867 ft.
  • Lake Placid near Whiteface Mountain has hosted two Olympic Games, in 1932 and again in 1980.
  • The full-time population of the Adirondack Park is just over 100,000, but more than 10 million people visit the park each year.
  • At the tiny Hudson River train station in North Creek, Theodore Roosevelt was sworn in as the 26th President of the United States after learning that President William McKinley was dead.

Today the Adirondack Mountains continue to beckon visitors to this pristine wilderness region. In North Creek NY and at nearby Gore Mountain, gorgeous wilderness, sparkling water and all types of outdoor recreation draw family vacationers and has become a favored location for a romantic Adirondack wedding. At our comfortable Adirondack motel, our famous North Woods hospitality lends itself perfectly for corporate meetings in Upstate NY, retreats, or gatherings of any type.

Alpine Lodge offers classic Adirondack Mountains lodging with all the modern amenities.  Contact us for more information, call us directly at (518) 251-2451 for more information, or book your room online!


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